The Egyptology society in Luxor"

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The Egyptology society in Luxor"

Bericht door Nofret » do 31 mei 2007, 8:06

In Luxor is een vereniging in oprichting, "The Egyptology society in Luxor"

Hier de Website,

Luxor Egyptology Group & KV63

I am so pleased to announce that although news here might be thin on the ground it doesn’t mean we have gone to sleep for the summer. Stan Kurowski one of the ex pats here has decided to start an Egyptology group in Luxor. Something we truly need and I am sure having seen the interest at the Mummification Museum lectures it will be very popular.

The website is here and although it is early days you are most welcome to sign up and be kept informed of about the progress of the group.

First bit of exciting news is that the team from KV63 led by Dr Otto Schaden will be at the first meeting. Not sure when that is going to be as we have to wait on Otto getting here. Hopefully we will also have other members of the team like Earl Ertman, Roxanne Wilson and Betty Schneider in attendance. So quite an auspicious start for Luxor Egyptology Group. Jane Akshar

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