Old Kingdom Tomb Scenes Database

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Old Kingdom Tomb Scenes Database

Bericht door Ochytoe » zo 07 okt 2007, 12:20

Hierbij een link naar een database met afbeeldingen uit tombes uit het Oude Rijk. De database is pas opgezet dus bevat nog niet veel afbeeldingen:

The Oxford Expedition to Egypt (OEE) has just managed to broadcast
their Old Kingdom Scene-details Database.


Here's the initial way to get to the database:

Go to http://www.oxfordexpeditiontoegypt.com
and click on 'The database' on the Home page. This will take
you to a database page, where you'll find the link to the
database itself. There might be a brief enquiry from the Archaeology
Data Service (ADS) before you to enter, but after that you're in. It's
possible to get back to the OEE website from the database,
We're advertising the database through our (currently very simple) OEE
website so that people will not bypass us and go directly to the ADS
website where the database is being hosted. Any future developments
to the database will be outlined in our website. Also, that's where people
can order copies of our books and will, in future, find other non-database
stuff too. Perhaps users will save both websites as 'favourites' once they
know how the database works...

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