'King of Egyptology' visits SA

Wil je iets kwijt over Dr. Zahi Hawass, de Directeur-Generaal van het archeologisch instituut in Egypte, dan kan je dat hier.

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'King of Egyptology' visits SA

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'King of Egyptology' visits SA

Fri, 11 Aug 2006

World famous archaeologist, author and international television personality Dr Zahi Hawass, arrives in South Africa this month for a one week lecture tour. Hawass, renowned equally as head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities as for his regular appearances on DSTV’s National Geographic Channel, will present a series of illustrated talks on new discoveries in the Pyramids.

Scheduled to take place in Johannesburg (Monday 14 August) and Cape Town (Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 August), Hawass’s lectures will be compelling for all members of the public who are intrigued by the mysteries and marvels of Egypt.

Since ancient times the pyramids have engendered great fascination. This is particularly true of the pyramids of Giza, especially Khufu’s Great Pyramid with its enigmatic chambers, shafts and passages. As Director of the Giza Pyramids excavation, Dr Hawass is in a unique position to investigate these mysteries, and to share his insight and experiences with audiences around the world.

Sometimes called the 'King of Egyptology', Dr. Hawass’ familiar face — usually surmounted with his trademark hat — is seen frequently on television screens across the world in films, documentaries and programmes on ancient Egypt.

Reconstructing the boy-king

A recent event recorded and shown on television and arranged by Zahi Hawass was the CT scanning of the mummy of Tutankhamun in a mobile scanner at the Valley of the Kings. The subsequent reconstruction of the young pharaoh’s face had an enormous impact on an international public eager for information on one of the greatest discoveries in the history archaeology.

This carefully managed scanning was carried out by Egyptian scientists under the watchful eye of Zahi Hawass whose diligent planning made the exercise a total success and the fragile remains of the boy-king were safely returned to the tomb. He plans further scanning of other royal and non-royal mummies.

An ongoing and massive project for Dr. Hawass is the systematic search and return to Egypt of objects which are scattered across the globe. He has disturbed the dust in many a museum when he has strongly presented his case for the return to Egypt of artefacts removed in less ordered years. To date it appears that more than 3000 objects have been returned to Egypt.

A prolific author, Hawass has also penned several books on Ancient Egypt including the best-selling "The Valley of the Golden Mummies" which has been published in five languages.

Dr Hawass’s mission is to secure the return of Egyptian artifacts now scattered across the globe. "Everything I do is for Egypt and Archaeology," says Hawass.

Dr Hawass can be seen on 14 August 2006, at Wits University, and on 16 and 17 August at the Baxter Concert Hall in Cape Town. All lectures begin at 7.30pm. Bookings have opened at Computicket and tickets cost R60.

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