“The Step Pyramid is collapsing,”

Wil je iets kwijt over Dr. Zahi Hawass, de Directeur-Generaal van het archeologisch instituut in Egypte, dan kan je dat hier.

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“The Step Pyramid is collapsing,”

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“The Step Pyramid is collapsing,” Zahi Hawass, Head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) says. “The substructure of the Pyramid of Djoser (another name for the Step Pyramid) is a series of tunnels about seven kilometres long. These have been collapsing for the last 50 years and unfortunately no one has done anything about it until now.”

Tour buses are the main culprits, according to SCA studies. In peak season large groups of buses sit just outside the site idling their engines and creating vibrations that reach all the way to the Step Pyramid. In October, Hawass announced that doing so now constitutes a crime.

“There is a new criminal charge called damaging antiquities. It will fall under the same law as stealing them, and we are going to have much harsher penalties,” he states. Because it is still new, no one is sure what kinds of difficulties will be encountered with pressing charges. For emphasis he adds, “If you run your motor on the site, you will go to jail.”

Even while acknowledging potential problems, Hawass is pleased with the new law. “I’m sure that the prospect of jail, for however long it is, will make people think twice about these things...”

Bad Vibrations, Cache Seel, Egypt Today, Volume 27, Issue 12, December 2006.

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