Tips For Becoming An Archaeologist,, Zahi Hawass

Wil je iets kwijt over Dr. Zahi Hawass, de Directeur-Generaal van het archeologisch instituut in Egypte, dan kan je dat hier.

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Tips For Becoming An Archaeologist,, Zahi Hawass

Bericht door Nofret » vr 09 mar 2007, 1:29

March 9, 2007
Tips For Becoming An Archaeologist

Zahi Hawass

Young people often ask me how they can become an archaeologist. Here is my advice:

Read every book and magazine you can find on archaeology and ancient Egypt. The more you read, the more you will know, and the more fun you will have.
Watch National Geographic television specials about archaeology and ancient Egypt. Then you can follow my adventures and experience the magic of archaeology through my eyes.
Check out my website at I keep it updated, so you will always know the latest news.
Study hard in school, and learn foreign languages such as French, German and Arabic. You will need these languages to read important books and articles. Arabic is especially important. Not enough foreign archaeologist speak it now, so you will have a big head start if you do.
Go to a University that teaches archaeology and Egyptology. I recommend, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown and John Hopkins.
Go to a field school and learn how to excavate. Then go on as many digs as you can. Nothing can replace the excitement of finding ancient artifacts. I encourage you to experience this thrill for yourself.
Come to visit Egypt, and see all the archaeological sites you can.
Have passion and love for the past.
Be adventurous!

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Bericht door Thoetmosis XII » vr 09 mar 2007, 8:49

Zahi Hawass schreef:Watch National Geographic television specials about archaeology and ancient Egypt. Then you can follow my adventures

Zahi Hawass schreef:Check out my website at

Zahi Hawass schreef:I recommend, the University of Pennsylvania

Zijn programma's, zijn website en de universiteit waar hij zelf heeft gestudeerd...

Dit is toch wel het meest objectieve studieadvies wat je kan krijgen <egypt>
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Bericht door Sesh-Horus » vr 09 mar 2007, 20:04

Maar de moraal van het verhaal is toch: veel studeren en zoveel mogelijk mee gaan met opgravingen. Niet verwachten dat het allemaal vanzelf komt als je een studie Egyptologie gedaan hebt...

Voor de rest: inderdaad een mooi reclame-stukje.

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