De handen van Horemheb

De 18de Dynastie was een periode waarin veel nu beroemde Farao's regeerden.

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De handen van Horemheb

Bericht door johanotep » zo 03 mei 2009, 20:36

Blijkbaar behoren een stel handen, die gevonden zijn in de tombe van Horemheb in Sakkara door het team van de universiteit van Leiden, toe aan een beeld dat staat in het British Museum.

Some time ago, Dutch Egyptologist René van Walsem wondered
whether a 10 cm large fragment of two clinching hands, found in
1976 by a mission of the University of Leiden in the tomb of
general Horemheb in Saqqara, could match the BM statue, as
the way in which the couple is holding hands is unique.

To test this idea, BM restorer Mike Neilson travelled with the
Dutch mission to Saqqara to make a cast of the fragment that
is stored in a depot.

The fragment and statue now prove to be a match. Mission director
Dr Maarten Raven says this confirms that the BM statue is from
the Saqqara tomb of Horemhab, and he thinks that two other
anonymous statues in Leiden (RMO) (a double-statue and the
statue of an offering man) now also can be attributed to Horemheb,
as they show the same clothing and wigs, were also not completed,
and have the same deliberate damages.

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