Beneretmut and DNA of the mummy KV35YL

De 18de Dynastie was een periode waarin veel nu beroemde Farao's regeerden.

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Beneretmut and DNA of the mummy KV35YL

Bericht door king tutankhamun » ma 04 okt 2010, 14:40

An article has appeared on a Spanish site which duplicates much of my eariler article showing that KV55 is probably not Akhenaten including extrapolition of the DNA to cover Nefertiti (although I am not credited);

However the author comes to a different conclusion than me and opines that KV55 is Akhenaten.

In coming to this conclusion it theorises that there was a genetic mutation between the two generations. Unfortunately the author, Juan de la Torre Suárez, President Andalusian Association of Egyptology doesn't cite any evidence for the frequency of mutation in the allele concerned.

Personally I think somatic mutation is unlikley and continue to believe that the evidence points against KV55 being Akhenaten, but when I re-write my article for our new magazine I'll address the mutation point directly and research what is known about mutation frequency in this allele. (Some alleles are more susceptible to mutation than others.)

However, the article does confirm my view that KV55 and KV35YL need not be siblings. They identify KV35 YL as Beneretmut, the sister of Nefertiti.
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