Hier kan je alles posten over Farao Ramses II.

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Bericht door Nofret » do 16 okt 2008, 12:01

Men is het er niet over eens of Ramses II een broer (s) (oudere) had, toch zijn er wel enige aanwijzingen naar die richting bv. Mehy, een raadselachtige figuur, en in ieder geval geen favoriet van Ramses:

19th Dynasty
Mehy served during the reign of Seti I. What his position was is still a mystery. Many of his reliefs and images were damaged by Ramesses II, who was Seti's successor. Mehy was obviously a warrior and was normally shown in princely attire and was on many war reliefs. Even some of the romantic songs of the era talk of Mehy as a romantic hero. Mehy was a commoner according to some records and that he was a favorite of Seti. Either way, he was hated by Ramesses II.


Het lied over Mehy:

My heart purposed to see its beauty,
Sitting within it.
I found Mehy a-riding on the road,
Together with his lusty youths.
I knew not how to remove myself from before him. Should I pass by him boldly?
Lo, the river is the road,
I know not a place for my feet.
Witless art thou, O my brave heart, exceedingly, Why wilt thou brave Mehy?
Behold, if I pass before him,
I shall tell him of my turnings;
Behold, I am thine, I shall say to him,
And he will boast of my name,
Alloting me to the first-come hareem of some one among his followers.

A.H.Gardiner, The Library of A. Chester Beatty, The Chester Beatty Papyri, No. 1 (London: Oxford University Press, 1931).

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Bericht door Thoetmosis XII » do 16 okt 2008, 17:53


Ik dacht altijd dat Sethi I naast 2 dochters één zoon had (Ramses II) en dat een eerdere zoon óf doodgeboren was óf heel jong gestorven...
Maar van ene Mehy heb ik nog nooit gehoort, qua beschrijving komt ie trouwens wel overeen met meneer Chenar. Maarja, het blijft vaag <egypt>
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