Animal mummies go under the X-ray in Liverpool

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Animal mummies go under the X-ray in Liverpool

Bericht door Nofret » ma 18 mei 2015, 12:39

Tracey Seddon (Organics Conservator) with a mummified cat skull

Curators at World Museum Liverpool are X-raying some of the dozens of animal mummies in the museum’s collection.

Mummified animals have been in the city for more than a century after cats in a catacomb were sold in huge numbers by Egyptian villagers.

Meanwhile tonight, TV viewers can watch BBC’s Horizon programme 70 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt’s Dark Secret.

The show features a project based at the University of Manchester. But World Museum’s Egyptology department is collaborating with the researchers by letting them study its 50 animal mummies.

Ashley Cooke, head of antiquities and curator of Egyptology at World Museum Liverpool, said: “World Museum has one of the largest Egyptology collections in the UK and it’s always exciting to discover even more about the objects through X-ray technology.”

Here he explains more about the X-ray work being done in Liverpool on the ancient animal artefacts, and why it is being carried out.

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