New sound and light show debuts at Egyptian Museum

Over musea in en buiten Egypte.

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New sound and light show debuts at Egyptian Museum

Bericht door Nofret » vr 02 jan 2015, 18:53

CAIRO: A sound and light show project was launched Thursday at the Egyptian Museum, which houses over 150,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts, Antiquities Ministry Museums Sector head Ahmed Sharaf told The Cairo Post Friday.

“Several artifacts at the Egyptian museum seemed even more stunning when light was focused on them along with an audio commentary explaining their historical background to the visitors,” he said.

The four-day experimental show, dubbed “Beauty in the Ancient Egyptian Art,” has covered museum masterpieces like the colossal statues of Pharaohs Amenhotep III and Ramses II, Egyptian Museum Director-General Mahmoud al-Halwagy told The Cairo Post Thursday.

“Unlike traditional sound and light shows at other historical landmarks across Egypt, the show at the museum is mobile and enables visitors to explore the museum and the displayed artifacts in a unique way that highlights the majesty of Egyptian history,” Halwagy said.

The show, along with other ongoing archaeological development projects, aims to draw back tourists after nearly four years of political turmoil have severely bruised Egypt’s tourism industry and economy.

Tourism accounts for more than 11 percent of Egypt’s GDP, and nearly 20 percent of its foreign currency revenue.

According to the travel and tourism competitiveness report published by the World Economic Forum in 2013, Egypt dropped 10 places in the global assessment to 85th position. This drop was mainly because of the deterioration in the safety and security environment in the country. Both the number of tourist trips and tourism receipts recorded a significant drop in 2013.

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Re: New sound and light show debuts at Egyptian Museum

Bericht door scarabee » vr 02 jan 2015, 20:18

Het lijkt me wel wat!
Kijk ook eens op mijn Website:

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