Exhibition on Djeutihotep now open in Brussel

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Exhibition on Djeutihotep now open in Brussel

Bericht door Nofret » di 17 nov 2015, 9:34

Iets dichterbij deze tentoonstelling <egypt>

New Exhibition on Djeutihotep now open in Brussels in the Cinquantenaire Museum.


It includes never before exhibited watercolours by Howard Carter from the The Griffith Institute - University of Oxford.

The centennial of Reisner’s expedition in 1915 inspired KU Leuven Egyptologists to organise a unique exhibit in the Cinquantenaire Museum at Brussels. The goal of this exhibit is to show how innovative methodologies, applied to old documentation, can contribute to new insights. Digital techniques allow for instance to reassemble damaged and dispersed wall fragments into virtual reconstructions. Projecting modern satellite images onto old maps aids in visualizing the living environment of the past. Based on old photographs, the Egyptian landscape can be evoked as it looked before the construction of the Aswan dam.

These different themes are presented around a nearly life-size reconstruction of the tomb of Djehutihotep, which forms the center piece of the exhibit. A virtual 3D model of the tomb was created by the firm INGEO in cooperation with KU Leuven. Different layers of documentation are brought together, allowing the visitor to observe the evolution of research methodology. Watercolours and sketches by Carter that have never before been shown, are on display.

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